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Welcome to your new era of efficiency with CreatorClub on your team.

You’ll love CreatorClub if you:

  • Constantly in need of new original content and a place to produce it
  • Tired of wrangling various creators, editors, writers, talent
  • Over endless emails about revisions and new requests
  • Managing multiple platforms and stakeholders sucking away your time on admin
  • Overloaded with multiple roles that fall outside of social media management, including content creation

How we support your
business growth goals

CreatorClub is a one-stop hub for content creation.
CreatorClub is not an influencer agency, production company or a creative agency — but we do support marketers and brands. Here‘s how:

get ready to scale up your content

Online Platform

CreatorClub’s centralized collaboration space with creators, clients, and team members ensures smooth communication, clear task delegation, and efficient tracking of each content piece from ideation to distribution. The platform was designed for agencies like yours.

Content Producer

We understand the significance of quality, timelines, and budget management. With CreatorClub you get a platform and a dedicated content producer who will ensure that every piece of content aligns with your client’s goals and is produced on time and on budget.

Creator Roster

Our community boasts a diverse roster of creators that’s continuously evolving. Whether you need a videographer, graphic designer, animator, writer or any other content creator, they’re on our platform. CreatorClub eliminates the workload of recruiting, onboarding and offboarding talent.

Studio Space

If you could benefit from a physical space to shoot content, we have a fully equipped studio in the heart of Toronto. As a member of CreatorClub, you’ll have full access to booking the studio — giving you a value-add to your clients and team, without the overhead.


Social media managers,
we see you.

Meet your new work bestie. CreatorClub is the go-to solution for social media managers looking to save time, streamline their process, and elevate their content game.

Our platform makes your day better by simplifying quality content creation — giving you a collaboration platform including an easy approval process, and access to a roster of trained creators. Allowing you to save time on your current work load, increase productivity and focus more on what matters.

Why Choose Us


Our monthly pricing is
simple and transparent.

Thought Leader


For thought leaders looking to scale their personal brand

  • Access to entire creator network
  • Full access to the studio
  • Access to a producer
  • 1 project per month
  • Monthly strategy calls



For professional businesses looking to produce
content at scale

  • Access to entire creator network
  • Full access to the studio
  • Access to a senior producer
  • 2 project per month
  • Bi-weekly strategy calls



For organizations looking to support their clients with content marketing

  • Access to entire creator network
  • Full access to the studio
  • Dedicated senior producer
  • 5 project per month
  • Weekly strategy calls


Hear it from our clients

“This is the level of content that we’ve always needed. From planning to execution, we are extremely happy.”

Aftab Pashaw

Aftab Pashaw

CEO, Science + Humans

“They are rockstars from start to finish. Seamless, talented work, which led to immediate conversions that exceeded our sales target.”

Rachel Garbutt

Rachel Garbutt

Founder, Dotti

“The level of attention to detail, and pride that this team takes in their work in second to none.”

Lauren Middup

Lauren Middup

Director, Rac n Roll

“Approving content through the online platform is super efficient, eliminating meetings and emails.”